SEDA is anything that can brighten our skin and flood our heads with thoughts and memories. A journey through the lights and shadows, the life experience of an anonymous woman who could be any one of us. She travels the world with her particular Via Crucis, and weaves her way through different countries in analogy to the Silk Road, searching between her history and that of other women for the final catharsis.

Silvia Nogales Barrios


· Artist: Silvia Nogales Barrios (guitarist and director)
· Actress and locution: Esther Acevedo
· Scenography: Alessio Meloni
· Sound and light technician: Mario Pachón
· Lighting design: Mario Pachón
· Audiovisual: Martin Kraft
· Animations: Elisa Martínez
· Text: Silvia Nogales
· Direction: Silvia Nogales
· Executive Production: Silvia Nogales


· Artist: Silvia Nogales Barrios
· Website:
· Publication date: Physical CD 22 April 2022, digital 20 May 2022
· Genre: Modern Classical, World Music, Classical.
· Produced by: Silvia Nogales Barrios and Strommar Miami
· Recorded: Barcelona (Latin Song studio). December 2021
· Mixed and Mastered by the engineer: Pablo Despeyroux (Italy)
· Production: Spain-Miami
· Compositions by: Claudia Montero, Clarice Assad, Anna Segal, María Parra, Cinthya García and Silvia Nogales.
· Graphic design: Elisa Martinez
· Executive Production: Silvia Nogales Barrios

  1. Tempus Silvia Nogales Barrios / Esther Acevedo (voz) 1:23
  2. Argentina (texto) Esther Acevedo (voz) 1:02
  3. Azul (Tres Colores Porteños) Silvia Nogales Barrios / Comp. Claudia Montero 3:45
  4. Gris (Tres Colores Porteños) Silvia Nogales Barrios / Claudia Montero 2:42
  5. Rojo (Tres Colores Porteños) Silvia Nogales Barrios / Claudia Montero 4:12
  6. Brasil (texto) Esther Acevedo (voz) 0:24
  7. A Tide of Living Water Silvia Nogales Barrios / Clarice Assad 4:54
  8. Origen (texto) Esther Acevedo (voz) 0:26
  9. Origen Silvia Nogales Barrios / Comp. Silvia Nogales Barrios 3:52
  10. Ave Fénix (texto) Esther Acevedo (voz) 1:00
  11. Ave Fénix Silvia Nogales Barrios / Comp. María Parra 3:05
  12. Oriente (texto) Esther Acevedo (voz) 0:44
  13. Lullaby Silvia Nogales Barrios / Comp. Anna Segal 14:02
  14. Asia (texto) Esther Acevedo (voz) 0:44
  15. La Última Samurai Silvia Nogales Barrios / Comp. Silvia Nogales Barrios 4:17
  16. EEUU (textos) Esther Acevedo (voz) 0:38
  17. Reverie Silvia Nogales Barrios / Comp. Cinthya García 5:08

Project creator (performer and composer)

After a distinguished career as a creator of interdisciplinary concerts, being recognized at festivals in Spain, Europe and Latin America, Silvia Nogales is now embarking on her most personal project. Once again, she leans on her guitar and creates a unique and sensory journey through the history and music of different women from around the world through the fusion of styles and disciplines. The project is divided into two parts, the stage -the live show- and the record work -SEDA, the album-.

Claudia Montero

Clarice Assad

Cinthya García

Anna Segal

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