Review in Ritmo of the PRO-NGO concert in favor of the Hospital Sta Bárbara de Puertollano by Luis Suárez

During the confinement I had the pleasure of opening the PRO-NGO concert series, organized by the wonderful Carolina Bellver, whose collection of more than 600 euros was destined to help the Santa Barbara Hospital in Puertollano. In this concert we had the help of the Puertollano Ayuda Platform, which is being in charge of providing and buying material to the hospital in the current situation.

I would like to thank all the people from Puertollano and other parts of Spain for their help and contribution to this initiative.

I feel totally grateful and excited to have been able to help my land.

Thanks also to Luis Suarez, who dedicates me some wonderful words like: “His way of caressing the guitar is unique and contagious, with a subtlety rarely seen. He brings out a whole register of expressive sounds, full of sensitivity, without stridency, but without decay, maintaining a versatile pulse.” from my online concert in Ritmo Magazine. I leave you the review: LINK TO REVIEW

I hope you like it and enjoy it

Thanks to all of you and see you!

By Silvia Nogales Barrios