Concert in León (“Music for an exposition”)

Last April 20 my concert took place at León Museum, for the exhibition “Cuando Miro La Música”, by the photographer of the Eutherpe’s Foundation María Díez. The concert was accompanied by my guitar Raimundo (“René Lacote 1800” and “Silvia Nogales Custom”). It was a pleasure to play in this incomparable place, surrounded by these works of art that María has been able to make over the years. Many thanks to Margarita Morais, Eutherpe Foundation and María Diez, for trusting me for this cycle of concerts in which first class musicians will participate.

Here you have some photographs, many of them made by María Diez. I hope you like it.

María Díez:

Adrián Fernández:

By Silvia Nogales Barrios