At the beginning it was intended to be my Final Degree Project at the CSM Rafael Orozco, but the truth is that it was in my head for many years ago. In my family dance, theater and music have always been very present. Since childhood I grew up mostly with dance and theater at the hands of my cousins ​​and my sister. When I arrived at CSM Córdoba I discovered that we had to do a final creative project. It was at that moment, when I began to think about a project that would allow me to use diverse arts, within the academic norms established for the work.

I began to investigate the repertoire that could be part of an interdisciplinary program for guitar, accompanied by a solid research base.

Las Seis Doncellas de Juan Ramón Jimenez. Interpretado por Silvia Nogales y Esther Acevedo. Ilustrado por Laura Ferreiro (
Presentación del proyecto, CSM Rafael Orozco. 18 de Junio de 2014

Through various books and the biography of Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco from Corazón Otero. Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco: his life and work for guitar. Yólotl Musical Editions. Mexico: 1987, I came to his work Platero y Yo for narrator and guitar that put music and voice to Juan Ramón Jiménez’s book. From that moment and thanks to articles such as María Ángeles Sanz, “Music in the poetic universe of Juan Ramón Jiménez”, Tropelías: Journal of literature theory and comparative literature. 1999, nº9-10, pp. 407-419, I found the necessary connections to reach the elaborated musical program, which today is still being built and expanded thanks to the help of Juan José Pastor.

This project intends to be a didactic journey through the life of Juan Ramón Jiménez through notable points such as his Friendship with Falla, his Poems, Platero y Yo, etc.

For the elaboration of the program we have the illustrations of Laura Ferreiro created for the occasion and the interpretation of the actress Esther Acevedo.

I hope you enjoy this project from the heart, which joins painting, theater, music and poetry. A very personal program bet for me, since Platero was one of the favorite books my mother gave me when I was a child. Some pieces that will be heard and that we discovered to be related in some way with Juan Ramón, were the ones that I approached for the first time to music in my childhood and I will have the opportunity to interpret this project with my cousin Esther Acevedo, closing the circle.

Boceto perteneciente a la ilustración de la obra “Elegía Di Marzo”

Here I leave two of the pieces that make up the program of the project as an example.

One is Platero from the Platero y Yo suite (1960) by Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco / Juan Ramón Jiménez for narrator and guitar. This work was composed in IV volumes containing seven movements each. Each volume is conceived to be interpreted in isolation and not as a unit.

The other piece is an adaptation of studio number 4 tribute to Juan Ramón Jiménez, entitled Elegía di Marzo and composed by Angelo Gilardino. This tribute study to the Nobel is conceived according to its author “with almost childlike means” but at the same time it has a “set of resonances, of implications, that will place it in a plane opposed to that of naïveté, to simplicity”. Round Table: GILARDINO, A., NUTI, G., SUÁREZ-PAJÁRES, J., PORQUEDDU, C., GIMENO, J., RIBA, J. «Angelo Gilardino. Compose, Search, Edit, Teach: Four Facets Of The Same Work »Round Table” Festival of the Guitar Córdoba “(Córdoba 2012).

At the beginning of the score of this study, edited together with others in the same series by Berben, one can read a verse from one of the elegies of Juan Ramón. We wanted to put the text of this poem to the study of Gilardino, due to the good text-music adaptation that occurs.

The two audios have been recorded at the Rimshot studios in Madrid by Carlos Lillo and have been mixed and mastered by Pablo Despeyroux in Barcelona.

The videos have been produced and made by Ismael Muñoz.