Silvia Nogales Barrios, who has worked in her nascent career as an interpreter with an excellent professional level. She has been a creator of interdisciplinary projects since 2014. Some of them have been selected in the last two editions of the Proyecto MusaE (Ministry of Culture of Spain) taking the guitar repertoire in a didactic and interdisciplinary way to the public, breaking with the traditional canons of the classical concert, also promoting the current musical composition.

Leo Brouwer (Composer, Conductor and Guitarist) March 2019


Her hands slide along her strings with the same love and tenderness as those of a mother caressing her son’s hair. There is a symbiosis between the two, a communion, a dialogue that is transmitted to the public involved in a tremendous sensitivity and subtlety. Please refrain from breathing.

Juan Carlos Avilés (Journalist, founder of Guia del Ocio. 20 minutos, calle 20, telecinco)


Silvia is a different guitarist, she stands out for her sensitivity, beautiful sound and ability recognized by masters such as Leo Brouwer to create recitals and interdisciplinary projects, where music merges with other disciplines. An example of this is her proposal Las Seis Doncellas de Juan Ramón Jiménez, performed in prestigious institutions such as the Fundación Juan March with actress Esther Acevedo.

Her latest project and album entitled Seda (2022) has garnered important awards and nominations such as: MIN Award for Best Classical Album 2023, Global Music Award (2022), FYC at the Grammy Awards (2022), as well as Best Instrumentalist at the Intercontinental Music Awards (2023).

On the other hand, she has received recognition for her career and the social impact of her work, such as the title of Favorite Daughter of Castilla-La Mancha (2023), Cultural Alumni Award of the University of Castilla-La Mancha (2022), among others.

In 2022 she became winner of the Ibermúsicas Foundation with her stage show Seda, so she was able to develop a tour in Latin America with the support of this foundation and SGAE Foundation.

She is invited to perform concerts and master classes in prestigious institutions and festivals such as Universidad de Chile, Fundación Juan March (Madrid), Liceo (Barcelona), Festival Entrecuerdas (Chile), Conservatorio Superior de Buenos Aires, Centro Cultural de España en Buenos Aires, Embajada de España en Andorra, V Encuentro de Mujeres Compositoras (México), Centro Niemeyer (Avilés), among others. Besides, she develops her career as a researcher at the University of Castilla-La Mancha where she is a doctoral student. She has received outstanding grants from institutions such as AIE or FPI grants for research.

In the field of composition, she has composed music for outstanding plays in Spain, such as Francisca de Pedraza with more than 40 performances throughout the country. He is a member of the Latin Grammy Academy and the Academy of Music in Spain.